Ashley Graham candidly discusses depression during pregnancy

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham and Shay Mitchell have candidly spoken about their struggles with depression during pregnancy.

The model is expecting her first child, a son, with husband Justin Ervin later this month, while Pretty Little Liars star Shay welcomed her daughter Atlas Noa with boyfriend Matte Babel back in October.

The pair recently took part in a discussion about the highs and lows of pregnancy during an episode of Ashley's podcast Pretty Big Deal, and the 32-year-old confessed she could've been dealing with a form of prenatal depression.

"I want to talk about this, because I can't say definitely that I went through it, but I can say that I might have gone through something like it," Ashley began, before revealing that she and Justin were surprised by her pregnancy because they weren't trying for a baby. "Then all of the sudden, my emotions, my mind, my body, things that I always had control over are now totally out of whack. I can't talk to anybody about it, my husband doesn't understand but he's trying to be as supportive as possible. My mom is like, 'Oh you'll be fine.' I think I was spiralling a little bit and I was crying a lot."

Shay, who had gone through an intense 33-hour labour before little Atlas was born, agreed with Ashley, and revealed she also suffered something similar.

"I mean every single thing that you just said is exactly what I went through," the actress recalled. "My mom said the same thing, and I'd be crying to her and she'd be like, 'You're just emotional, it's just the hormones.' And O.K. cool it might be, but you don't want to hear that. Like, yes, it is. If it is the hormones, I'm still feeling that way. It doesn't take away from this feeling, and it's completely isolating."

Finding common ground in their shared experience, Shay, 32, urged other pregnant women to talk about their feelings with loved ones.

"I heard so much about postpartum which is also a real thing, but I'd never heard about prepartum depression," she added.

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