Ashira Aziz thankful to ex-husband for clarification on their divorce

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27 Jul – Ashira Aziz recently expressed her gratitude to ex-husband Bad of Indigo fame (real name Badrul Izhan Yeop Abdullah), who defended her against netizens claiming that she left him due to his condition.

The singer, who confirmed their divorce back in June, a year after they tied the knot, stated that she decided not to say anything about it because there is nothing for her to clarify. .

"I thank Bad for explaining everything. I didn't ask him to do that because there was no need to clarify to netizens about what was happening in our marriage," she said.

As for her relationship with the singer, Ashira said that the two of them are still good friends.

"Bad contacted me first to tell me that he will be making the statement. Actually, I didn't even mind if he didn't say anything," she added.

Ashira stressed that she doesn't care about people's opinions regarding herself, adding that there is no way to shut people up from talking and speculating about them.

As for now, the singer said that she has been busy performing at various shows, though they are more underground events than mainstream programmes.

Bad and Ashira tied the knot five months after meeting on the reality show, "Gegar Vaganza" in 2020. However, not long after they got married, Bad had to undergo surgery due to diabetes and now has to use a wheelchair.

Last week, the Indigo member defended his ex-wife, saying that the marriage did not end because of Ashira's alleged failure to take care of him, stressing that he wanted to learn to do things by himself.

 The couple tied the knot in March last year
The couple tied the knot in March last year

(Photo Source: Ashira Aziz Instagram, Bad.Indigo Instagram)

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