Artisans are the stars of the new Hermès exhibition

The upcoming Hermès in the Making event in Singapore shines the spotlight on the luxury house’s illustrious artisans and their repertoire of craftsmanship skills.

Set to take place at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza from 1st to 9th October, the travelling exhibition is an exposé of the secrets behind Hermès’ esteemed sustainable craftsmanship, the heart of its creative and innovative spirit.

The show-and-tell promises to pull back the curtains on how the maison’s coveted objects are created to last, with artisans from different métiers presenting their expertise with their tools and materials. From the dexterity demanded to assemble the Hermès Vivace showjumping saddle to the patience it takes to get a watch ticking or set gemstones in jewellery, see the artisanal techniques in action in nine live showcases.

You’ll get to view a pair of gloves being crafted, the rounded edge of a white porcelain plate painted by hand, or discover the mastery of silk engraving that separates colours from the design. Hermès’ sustainable and responsible business model, informed by a special demonstration of repairing objects, endows cherished possessions a second life while accentuating the heritage house’s dedication to uphold treasured traditional values. Durability, quality, innovation, preserving and passing on know-how, in addition to functional aesthetics, have been the guiding lights for designers and artisans since 1837, and this relevancy has only grown in importance with today’s mounting environmental challenges.


The exhibition’s welcoming open-plan layout came from a craftsman’s workbench. Ingenious use of colours leads visitors through the exhibition. Along the way, a host of interactive games and playful activities such as workshops focused on dexterity, musical composition using round knives, and colouring, engage visitors and elevate the Hermès in the Making experience through multi-sensory appeal.

There are two conferences that will foster a deeper appreciation for your Hermès with insights into topics ranging from craftsmanship to innovation and transmission. Immerse yourself in films from the “Footsteps across the World” collection, where documentary filmmaker Frédéric Laffont shares a human perspective of Hermès’ remarkable connection with sustainable development. 

After its debut in Copenhagen’s Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) last year that received nearly 45,000 visitors, Singapore is the fourth stop of the Hermès in the Making exhibition before it travels to Kyoto, Japan in November 2022.

The Hermès in the Making exhibition is held at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, from 1st to 9th October 2022. Opening hours: 12pm – 8pm. Admission is free. Book your visit via the link here

Top image credits: Marta Iotti 

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