Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised by son Patrick's sex scene in new movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was taken by surprise when he saw his son Patrick's steamy sex scene in his new movie Daniel Isn't Real.

The 72-year-old Terminator: Dark Fate star opened up about watching his 26-year-old son, who he shares with ex Maria Shriver, get intimate on screen during a chat with Fox L.A., calling the experience "wild".

"His acting was so extraordinary, he's so talented and all of a sudden there's this sex scene all of a sudden," Arnold explained. "I remember my (ex) wife (Maria) called me the day (and) she said, 'I just saw Patrick's movie. It's unbelievable, and I'm sitting there and he didn't tell me anything about it and all of sudden there's his naked butt there having a sex scene.'"

He added: "It's really an experience and a half. I'm just proud because he's doing another movie. He's really working his way up and getting the starring roles."

Arnold also said that when he paid a visit to his son's film set, he was inundated with compliments about Patrick.

"Everyone came up to me telling me, 'You have the nicest son. He's so well behaved, he's coming in so well prepared all the time,'" the proud father added. "All these compliments, all the time - it's great to see that."

Patrick began his screen career back in 2006 and scored his first leading role opposite Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun last year.

Patrick plays the imaginary friend of a troubled college freshman who resurrects his childhood pal to help him cope with a violent trauma in Daniel Isn't Real, which is in theatres now.

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