Arjo Atayde enjoys working with Julia Montes for the first time

Heidi Hsia

27 Feb – Arjo Atayde says that he had fun working with Julia Montes for the first time through the new weekly series, "24/7".

As reported on ABS-CBN News, the actor who spoke to the media about the Kapamilya series expressed his elation over their first collaboration and the chance of finally witnessing Montes' skills as an actress.

"She's really good at acting. She's really amazing. She amazes me on the set. She works hard," he said.

Atayde also stated that Montes has always made an impact on him as she is known to have played many dramatic roles in the past.

"I always see her crying on TV and all that stuff. But I got to talk to her in person here on "24 /7", and she is just a fun person," he added.

On the other hand, when speaking about his career, the actor said that he hopes to produce his own movies in the future.

"When I started in showbiz I said I wanted to create a character in my head. That's why I love acting because you get to create things you'd never experience in life. That's where I learned that I wanted to create a story," he said.

(Photo Source: Arjo Atayde Instagram)