Arizona Muse struggles to be sustainable while working in fashion

Arizona Muse

Arizona Muse struggles to be sustainable and eco-friendly while working in the fashion industry.

The model has opened up about her passion for saving the planet and combatting climate change in a powerful essay for Teen Vogue, but she acknowledged that her activism could be viewed as hypocritical.

"I consider myself an environmentalist, but I work in one of the most polluting industries in the world," she wrote. "I shop locally, buy organic, and avoid plastic-wrapped food, but I often have to fly releasing 53 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every single mile."

While Arizona has to fly around the world for photoshoots and modelling jobs, she is trying her hardest to offset her carbon footprint by being eco-friendly in her personal life.

"I take too many flights; occasionally I get my nails done; there's plastic on some of the household necessities I buy; I don't know my exact carbon footprint; and I still eat meat, though a lot less than I used to. All of that doesn't mean I shouldn't keep trying," the mother-of-two shared.

Arizona now purchases second-hand clothes, and if she does buy anything new, she ensures the materials are sustainable.

"I love the beauty of nature and I desperately don't want that destroyed for myself, my children, fellow humans, and other species. So, I try really, really hard to do my best for the planet," the 31-year-old penned, before urging readers to come together on the issue. "It's about standing together and saying loudly that all of us - individuals, companies, and governments - are going to have to change our behaviours to end the climate emergency."

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