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Sunday 05, July

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here and it's rocking your world from the top down. Career themes are reaching their fever pitch now. You could be ready for a true break from the action after pushing yourself so hard over the past few weeks. Use this time to pause, reflect and reset before you reach your limit.

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Saturday 04, July

The Moon is nearly at her Full Lunar Eclipse status, intensifying everything around you. She first heads into your house of career and hits a bit of a snag with your ruling planet Mars. This could create tensions on the professional front or with authorities. You may want to bite your tongue before saying something you'll regret.

Friday 03, July

The fiery Moon is a perfect complement and inspiration for you. You're getting your spark back but your cabin fever is tweaked in a major way. Look for opportunities to intellectually expand your horizons as much as possible. If you can actually get yourself out into a wide-open natural expanse like a park, even better -- but don't skimp on social distancing.

Thursday 02, July

Your fire is back, Aries. The Sagittarius Moon lights up your house of inspiration and higher consciousness today. You’re totally in your element and ready to get your positivity on. It’s a welcome lift after a heavy few days if not weeks! Don’t worry about the past or the future. It’s about living totally in the right now.

Wednesday 01, July

The intense Scorpio Moon lights up your house of transformation and intimacy again today with a sweet, supportive aspect from dreamy Neptune. It's a super imaginative and potentially sexy vibe for sure. You’ll also feel obsessed with uncovering secrets and all hidden information. You’re like a detective and psychologist in one.

Tuesday 30, June

The Moon moves into your house of secrets and intimacy today. The intensity is building as we get closer to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your career house. No wonder you are feeling like all cylinders are on. This is the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into your next professional vision. Do the research, Aries.

Monday 29, June

The Moon and Pluto are in a snag today, Aries. Use this energy to resolve conflicts with powerful interventions. Look for win-win solutions rather than arguing to be right or on top. The Moon lights up your opposite sign of harmony and relationships. When you find ways through instead of against the grain, everyone feels better. This is possible compliments of the stars.

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