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Friday 24, January

The New Moon in your social zone is here, Aries. This super cooperative lunation gives you a grand opportunity to set intentions for your next six months of friendship, goals, and collaboration with your peers online and off. Your follower count is about to go through the roof, if you play your cards right.

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Thursday 23, January

The Sun squares off with Uranus today, bringing a potential surprise your way, Aries. Your social and money zones are both in the crosshairs here, so the shift could come in one or both houses. Steer clear of lending or borrowing cash from friends, just for the next day or so.

Wednesday 22, January

The Moon is in your career zone in a fresh, new way today, Aries. You’ve been through a fair amount of pain and stress in recent weeks, especially on the professional front, but now a smarter, healthier life direction is taking shape. Who owns the world? Obviously, it’s you.

Tuesday 21, January

It’s a void-of-course Moon today, giving you the chance to recalibrate. When the Moon hangs out between two signs, the energy is neither-here-nor-there, and you’re not pulled in one direction or the other. It’s perfect for tuning back into the authentic needs of your mind and heart, Aries.

Monday 20, January

Finally, the intense Capricorn crucible lets up today as the Sun shifts into Aquarius. This is a much more comfortable astrological setup for your next month, Aries. With solar energy in your house of friends for the next four weeks, it’s time to get super social: connect online and off to create lasting collaborations.

Sunday 19, January

The recent heavy emotional energy is about to give way to more inspiration and fire. Use this last bit of intensity to get in touch with all of your deeper feelings and secrets you’ve been hiding, even from yourself. You are right on the edge of mega-excitement and new adventures, Aries.

Saturday 18, January

You’re still blazing, darling. Yep, the Moon continues to fire up your sex zone. Use this energy to be your best, feisty self. No apologies, bb! You know what you want and even if you encounter any obstacles, nothing will ultimately defeat you. Your warrior shines through and wins.

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