Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater's Relationship Is "Much Different" Than What the Public Perceives

ariana grande ethan slater
Quick Ari and Ethan 'Ship Update for YaGetty Images

In case you're casually wondering what's going on with Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater...these two are still going strong! Despite dealing with near-constant speculation about their relationship over the past few months, sources tell People that the Wicked costars are still together, and their relationship is very different than perceived.

“While this entire situation has been blown out of proportion, it’s much different than what has been portrayed in public,” a friend of the couple says, adding “They are just trying to navigate their new relationship in private."

A close family friend also tells the outlet that “People have tried to question the timeline. “The truth is, Ariana and Ethan didn’t begin seeing each other until after both parties were separated, respectfully."

ariana grande ethan slater
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Meanwhile, another source says, “They are doing their best to balance the fact that they are in the public eye with the desire to be respectful to all parties involved.”

FYI, an insider recently told Us Weekly that Ariana's ex Dalton Gomez has been adjusting to their breakup, saying “It’s been a little while since Ariana and Dalton split, but he’s been adjusting to his new normal and learning to accept it for what it is. It’s certainly not how he expected things to play out because he obviously assumed they would be together forever.”

“He never imagined he would be going through a divorce in the public eye,” the source added. “But he’s hanging in there and is grateful for his friends and family who have been really supportive.”

People's source also notes that when it comes to Ethan, his "priority will always be to co-parent his son.”

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