Arconians, Rejoice: 'Only Murders In the Building' S3 Is Fully Underway

meryl streep as loretta in a still from only murders in the building season 3
'Only Murders In the Building' S3 Is HereDisney+

In the latest episode of Only Murders in the Building, we finally learn Loretta’s backstory. The puzzling actress, played by Meryl Streep, has been one of the most interesting characters this season. Before diving into her role (and potential motive!), let’s take a look at this season thus far.

Season Three of Only Murders in the Building premiered on August 8, reuniting true-crime podcasters Mable, Charles, and Oliver for yet another investigation. This go-round, Oliver is working on a splashy Broadway production, but his show is derailed when the lead actor, Ben Glenroy, dies. Twice. The latest suspect? Ben’s brother, Dickie.

In the new episode, “CoBro,” Dickie hosts an auction to sell his brother's items. Mable attends the event and confronts Dickie, who reveals that he's always felt less important than his brother. Could his jealousy be a motive? Possibly, but Dickie pushes the blame to Ben’s stalker, Greg (whom we met earlier this season).

So, how is Loretta involved? In the new episode, “Sitzprobe,” Loretta reveals that she gave up a child for adoption. The baby turns out to be Dicky, who was adopted by Ben's family. Throughout the season, we’ve been led to believe that Loretta auditioned for Oliver’s play because she was eager to become a star. However, the real reason she joined the production was in hopes of getting closer to Ben and finally meeting her son.

In “Sitzprobe,” Loretta learns that Mable, Oliver, and Charles think Dickie is the killer, so she confronts him on her own. Dicky admits he was relieved when Ben died the first time, and said he felt “trapped” when his brother survived. As we know, Ben was pushed down an elevator shaft shortly after his resurrection. Did Dicky deliver the final blow? Before we find out, Loretta offers a false confession to the police.

There are only two more episodes this season, so we’ll learn the truth soon enough. All we know for sure is that this run of Only Murders in the Building is the most twisted one yet. At this point, we've seen a fake murder, a real murder, a kidnapping, a heart attack, and a heart-wrenching fight between Mabel, Oliver, and Charles! If you want to see what happens next, look below for instructions on how to watch Only Murders in the Building.

Where Can I Watch Only Murders In the Building?

Only Murders in the Building is available to stream exclusively on Hulu. The first two episodes premiered on August 8, 2023. New episodes will roll out every week—at 12 A.M ET/9 P.M. PT sharp—until the season finale on October 3.

How Many Episodes Are In Only Murders In the Building?

There are ten episodes in Season Three of Only Murders in The Building. The titles of the last two episodes have not been announced, but we'll keep this list updated as more details emerge.

Episode One: “The Show Must” (August 8)

Episode Two: “The Beat Goes On” (August 8)

Episode Three: “Grab Your Hankies” (August 15)

Episode Four: “The White Room” (August 22)

Episode Five: “Ah, Love” (August 29)

Episode Six: “Ghost Light” (September 5)

Episode Seven: “CoBro” (September 12)

Episode Eight: “Sitzprobe” (September 19)

Episode Nine: "Thirty" (September 26)

Episode Ten: TBA (October 3)

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