Arco is set to arrive on PC in 2024

 Two characters in the desert in Arco
Two characters in the desert in Arco

Arco, a single-player tactical action RPG, is scheduled to arrive in 2024, and its beautiful reveal trailer whisks you through stunning visuals and a captivating score - which are just a few key ingredients in any title that seeks to join our list of the best indie games.

Arco will offer you the opportunity to explore various landscapes, be it lush forests, sweeping plains, or scorching deserts, the pixelated environments are brimming with elements to explore in order to unravel the story of each character you encounter. The full reveal trailer can be seen below:

Throughout the game, you will experience the story from different viewpoints, and you’ll have the opportunity to play as different characters with unique abilities in order to understand the game's events and their impact from a range of perspectives.

However, one of the main appeals of Arco is its take on combat. Each time you enter a battle, you will engage in simultaneous turn-based combat. You will need to harness a multitude of abilities that you unlock throughout your journey all while carefully planning your attacks to avoid taking damage.

Across each vast landscape, you’ll meet enemies in a variety of forms, such as monsters, warriors from different nations, and colonizers, all of which present a different style of combat that you’ll need to quickly counter in order to come out victorious. There’s a lot resting on your skills, so you’ll need to make sure you match up to the competition.

The title will be launching on PC next year but is available to wishlist on Steam now. For details on Arco, it’s worth keeping an eye on the official social media page, alongside the title's official website.

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