Arci Munoz says no to open relationship

Heidi Hsia

3 Sep – Although she plays a woman who agrees to an open relationship in her new movie, "Open", Arci Muñoz stated that she is not one to be so liberal with her relationship in real life.

As reported on Push, the actress, who appeared at the promotional event of her said film recently, stated that when she commits to a relationship, she would stay loyal to only one person.

"I will fight for our relationship, but not that way. I came from a truly conservative family. My parents are both straight-edge Christians," she said.

However, despite her own disagreement with such a method, Muñoz said that she will respect other people's opinion on that matter.

"Open relationships has advantages and disadvantages. Advantageous I think for people who are both into it. You need consent, and set rules and limits," she said.

Although her character Roman in the film decided to do it to save her relationship, Muñoz said that the character is also reluctant about it.

"She simply wants to keep her man, that she finally gave in to what he really wants them to do," she said.

The new movie is directed by Andoy Ranay and co-stars JC Santos.

(Photo Source: Arci Munoz Instagram)