Ara Torosian, Spreading Positivity With His Music

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For most people, music is merely a fun activity, something to turn to when engaged in a tedious task or while experiencing positive or morbid emotions. Only a select few view music as a meaningful part of life and a spiritual endeavor to indulge in. Such people find music as a means to dig deep into their lives and find out what is truly worth pursuing. Amidst the chaos of life, finding solace in music and helping others through this powerful tool is pastor, public speaker, YouTuber, and music producer Ara Torosian.

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Ara Torosian was born in January 1979 to a middle-class Armenian family in Tehran, Iran. At the time of his birth, the entire country was plunged into the Iranian Revolution, the turbulent phase of Iran’s history that entirely changed its course for the years to come. Growing up, Ara Torosian had to live through the painful 8-year Iran-Iraq war as well. If it were an ordinary individual, they would have given up on life and shut themselves indefinitely from the outside world. Ara Torosian was not an ordinary man, though. The painful time in Iran instilled in him a desire to escape from the mess and create a bright future in a faraway land.

Standing by Ara Torosian as a rock in those challenging times was his mother. She was a school teacher and had a positive outlook on life. Ara Torosian always saw his mother as a strong and loving person who deeply cared about those under her wing. At school, she would pay more attention to students who were weak at academics or undergoing tough times. Ara Torosian learned to love selflessly and sacrifice for those who find themselves alone and dejected in this brutal world from his mother.

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Ara Torosian found himself drawn to soccer in his childhood. He wanted to develop his passion for the sport further and grow into a professional soccer player. Unfortunately, life had something else in store for him. At 15, Ara Torosian got into a terrible injury while playing soccer and had to say farewell to the love of his life. It was an excruciatingly dark phase of his life, and it seemed he would never be able to achieve something big in his life.

It was around that time Ara Torosian stumbled upon a copy of the Farsi Bible. In Iran, the Bible is deemed illegal, and anyone found reading one is threatened with prosecution. For Ara Torosian, finding the Bible was an enlightening moment. Flipping through the sacred pages, he discovered answers to some of the most critical questions that had been haunting him until that moment. Ara Torosian realized that it was God’s will to place him in such a hostile environment and surround him with numerous challenges and enemies. He also found out that he could forgive those who have hurt him and work hard towards acquiring a new, prosperous life.

By the time Ara Torosian turned 18, he had joined a small evangelical church in Iran. There he got wind of a Bible school in England for Iranians. That very instant, Ara Torosian knew that it was nothing but a sign from God. He decided that he would go to England to become a pastor as soon as he graduated from high school. Upon his graduation, Ara Torosian enrolled at the Bible school. He was the youngest member among his peers, and no one believed that he could survive the program. Despite all odds, Ara Torosian excelled at the program and acquired an esteemed position. Later he was invited to become the pastor for Iranian refugees in Istanbul, Turkey.

Things were looking up for Ara Torosian. Now he was in a position to help others. In Istanbul, he started a school for refuge children with some colleagues. Ara Torosian’s belief in God’s benevolence strengthened with each success that came his way. It was as if he could see through His plans and how they were meant to change his life for the better.

While Ara Torosian served in Turkey in 2002, he came across some incredibly talented refugee children involved in music and worship songs. Since he wanted to help those kids, Ara Torosian decided to produce a Farsi Christian music album. That marked the beginning of his musical journey.

Ara Torosian’s journey is of resilience, hard work, and an unwavering belief in God’s plans. Despite being born in an unstable society that was also overtly hostile towards people of his faith, he pushed through life with God’s help and became a beacon of hope for many.

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