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Saturday 25, January

The New Moon in your very own stars officially peaked last night, but the energy continues to work some serious magic in your sign. Keep adding to your manifestation list, and if you've only been keeping track of your wishes in your head, try to get them down in writing today. The next six months are going to be amazing, Aquarius.

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Friday 24, January

Your annual New Moon is officially here today, Aquarius. This moment is seriously POWERFUL, so don't sleep on it. Set intentions for everything you want to accomplish during the next six months - on both the personal and professional front. It's your time to shine, darling, and to do so in your unique, inimitable way.

Thursday 23, January

Your traditional ruler Uranus is making waves today as it clashes with the Sun (currently in your own sign). You're at your most revolutionary, innovative best at the moment, Aquarius. Just make sure you don't push other people's opinions out of the way (even though you're likely correct about everything.)

Wednesday 22, January

Your peak energy phase and your own personal, annual New Moon arrives Friday. In the meantime, the stars ask that you take it super easy and make some serious soul-time, Aquarius. Tomorrow your ruler Uranus squares off with the Sun, and that can cause stress today. Go for the tender loving self-care you deserve.

Tuesday 21, January

The Moon is void-of-course for most of the workday today, Aquarius. This is another way of saying that the lunar energy isn't fully defined. You can use this extended blank slate phase to set goals for the rest of your week without being unduly influenced by anyone else agenda.

Monday 20, January

Welcome to your birthday season, Aquarius bb! The next four weeks are all about you, you and more you. You're the star of stars and planets begin to line up in your innovative, revolutionary stars. Enjoy all the ego-stroking, because you deserve it. Stop taking care of the world and let your friends fete you for a change.

Sunday 19, January

The Moon will shift signs later in the day taking the focus off of your professional status and career goals. Now you're moving into your most social phase of the month. Friends, colleagues and networking take centre stage for the next few days, darling. Strength in numbers is your motto.

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