'Aquaman' final trailer reveals more of Arthur Curry's origin story

Hanna Flint
Aquaman final trailer is out
Aquaman final trailer is out

The final trailer for Aquaman reveals more of the DC Comics hero’s origin story.

We see a young Arthur Curry being trained up by Willem Dafoe’s Vulko, an Atlantean advisor and mentor who helps shape the true heir of Atlantis into the mighty king he is set to become.

Jason Momoa will have to fight for his throne though as his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) wants to take control and destroy the land-dwellers he blames for destroying and damaging the oceans.

He hopes to unite the seven underwater kingdoms behind him in his quest but it’s up to Arthur, Vulko, and Mera (Amber Heard) to stop him.

They hope to do this by locating a powerful trident that if wielded by the true heir (AKA Aquaman), it will unite above and below but to do so, he will have to act as more than a king, as Mera points out.

He will have to be… a hero. *pause for dramatic effect*

So far, the early reviews out of China from fans who had seen 25 minutes of footage have been favourable of James Wan’s debut in the DC extended universe.

Aquaman is set for release on 14 December

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