Aptamil is investigating claims of babies falling sick after formula changes

Aptamil are investigating after complaints that their new baby formulas are making babies sick [Photo: Getty]

Parents are calling for action following reports that a new Aptamil baby milk formula could be making babies sick.

Danone, the makers of the formula, has revealed it is investigating the claims by hundreds of parents who have reacted negatively to three new formula recipes.

Some parents have taken to social media to share images of the milk formula failing to dissolve, while others have reported their babies feeling unwell and suffering from diarrhoea. 

Others parents have criticised the brand for reportedly shrinking the package size from 900g down to 800g, despite the cost remaining the same.

“Why have you changed your first infant formula? My little girl has been in and out of hospital all weekend because of you guys,” one woman wrote.

“When you try and call @aptaclubuk because your 3 WEEK old daughter is sick from your undisclosed formula changes and you just get palmed off with a voicemail saying “leave your number and we’ll call back” absolutely livid. Never using Aptamil again. Insanely disgusted,” another wrote.

“When your baby has has an upset tummy, is irritable etc for days and then you see multiple complaints about ‪#aptamil Think I’ll have to change, so many unwell babies (including mine) from the new ‘formulation’. Poor show ‪@aptaclubuk,” another parent tweeted.

Which formulas have been affected?

A post on its Facebook page, Aptamil revealed that three of its baby milk formulas have changed recently.

These were: Aptamil First Infant Milk; Aptamil Follow On Milk powder and Aptamil Growing Up Milk.

Three baby formulas have been affected by the changes [Photo: Getty]

What have Danone said?

In a further Facebook post Danone said it was “very concerned” to hear of babies being unsettled by the new formulas.

The firm said though many infants had “smoothly transitioned” onto the new milks, it admitted the recent formulas were “more sensitive” to temperature and urged parents to follow the on-pack instructions carefully.

“In line with NHS guidelines, we recommend boiling one litre of water and leaving it to cool in the kettle for 30 minutes and no longer. During testing, we found that if the water is not left to cool for long enough and the milk is made at a significantly higher temperature than the recommended 70 degrees Celsius, lumps may form.

“In addition to this, it is important to shake the formula milk vigorously and vertically for at least 10 seconds.”

“We know it can be worrying when making changes to what your baby is fed. This is why we put leaflets in our packaging and sent emails to our customer base before launching our new powder formulations to try and inform as many parents as possible. We apologise if not everyone had a chance to see these,” the statement continues.

What should concerned parents do?

While it investigates the complaints, Danone says it has set up a free dedicated one-to-one helpline where parents can call for advice.

It encouraged those concerned about the products in question to get in touch.

Parents in the UK are advised to call 0800 996 1000, pressing option 0 followed by option 1.

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