Chinese Zodiac Predictions: Here’s What’s In Store For You This April

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As we step into another month, you may wonder what’s in store for you? You may be concerned about your career, finances, children, pregnancy or even your love life. Well, worry not and look no further because we bring to you April horoscope sign predictions.

April Horoscope Sign Predictions 2021

april horoscope sign
april horoscope sign

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The month of April 2021 is extremely fortunate for rats. So if you are born in the Rat year, you will witness luck in areas of health, finance and profession. Even though your finances will be in good shape, you will need to save money for difficult times ahead. While you concentrate on your career, you shouldn’t ignore your family. Spend quality time with your spouse, communicate well to show your love. This will also help to prevent any discord in marital relationships.

Remember we all need friends and the support of a good social circle. So in times when you are busy with your work, make time during the weekend to catch up with your friends. A simple call to ask “Hey, buddy how’s life?” will help you to stay connected in these tough times.


april horoscope sign
april horoscope sign

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People born in the Ox year, need to be careful with their love life. Your prediction for the month of April says that it will be turbulent. Petty issues can crop up to disrupt marital harmony. But don’t stress, as these things can be controlled. The best way to avoid misunderstanding is to communicate with your partner. Spend time and make them feel loved and not ignored.

You may not have been able to spend time as much with your partner, so make space in your daily routine for them. The quick fix to any relationship problem is good communication and making some compromises. Go ahead and do that.

On the professional front, your luck will be better. Your prediction says that you will be able to maintain cordial relationship with your colleagues and will manage to close your targets as well. For some of you who have been putting extra effort lately, your work may get noticed and you may even get a promotion. However, it is not a good time for investments. So if you are planning to invest your savings, wait for some time, luck may not be in your favour.


Tigers are expected to have a great time this month. If you have been stressing lately about your work, you can relax as your prediction says that there will be some good news in areas of finance and career.

You will also be in great health, provided you stick to your fitness routine and good food habits. Some of you will be able to see surplus money as your financial investments may give good returns.

However, this month may not be good in terms of relationships with family and friends. The stress of meeting your office deadlines, staying late at work, attending office calls in the middle of a family get-together has become your habit.

However, what you have not realised is that you are drifting away from your loved ones. This month can get quite stressful, your family or friends may get upset. The only way it can be turned around is by spending more and quality time with them. While, we understand that office work needs time and devotion, but it can’t ever happen at the cost of your family.


Things don’t look positive if you are a rabbit. On the career front, you may face hurdles that may block your growth. But, don’t worry, give your 100 percent and work more diligently. Health-wise as well, the month looks extremely concerning. If you have been ignoring your health lately you need to pause immediately. Start exercising and inculcate good food habits.

If you are a very emotional person, you may be seriously affected by the problems of others. Take time out to socialise and mingle with your friends and loved ones.

Avoid spending time alone as it can affect your mental health. If you are single, chances are there of meeting your loved one this month. Keep your heart open and embrace love.


This will be a good month for dragons in areas of health, finances, and profession. Your professional progress will depend on your hard work. So continue putting in extra efforts and with dedication. If a good opportunity knocks on your door, don’t let it go. Health will be good, but you should continue to invest in a good lifestyle. People who have been complaining about not spending time with you will finally be able to enjoy your company.

The prediction for the month of April says that your social activities will improve your chances of success in your career. You may need to spend more time with your partner as relationships will be under stress. But, on the other hand, single dragons may have a good chance of meeting their partners this month.


If you are born in the year of the snake, your April predictions indicate a good month. You may gain from management programs on finances and your love life looks great.

There is a chance that your long-standing relationship may get confirmed this month. In all this, don’t forget to take care of your health by inculcating a regular fitness regime and good food habits.


For horses, your fortune looks bright in the fourth lunar month. You may expect success in your career and appreciation from seniors and bosses. Your work will finally get noticed and this will give you the motivation to complete your target. Promotion and salary hike will be there on your cards. The financial investments which you have been holding on to for months, it is a good time to go ahead with it.

The prediction says that you may be going through emotional turmoil and extreme mood swings. You may end up hurting your loved ones unknowingly. You need to sit back and cut down on stress. Meet your friends, go out with them and spend time with your loved ones to uplift your mood.

As for love, those single may meet their partners. However, the chances of these relationships continuing are slim.


There will be an improvement in all areas, except finance. If you are a goat, you are well aware of your tendency to splurge money on unnecessary things and often expensive items. You often indulge in impulsive buying, even at the cost of using the maximum limit of your credit facilities.

As a result, by the time the month will end, you will have huge outstanding debts and with no money to pay. It is, therefore, very important to use your money wisely and save for the hard times.


Monkeys will see their fortunes plunging this month. On the work front, be extra cautious and avoid committing blunders. Don’t think of financial investment, it is not a good month to do so.

Don’t carry your work stress back home. Work hard to maintain a good relationship with your family members and your spouse. And try to spend more time with them.


april horoscope sign
april horoscope sign

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This month will be extremely fortunate if you were born in the year of the Rooster. There will be plenty of opportunities on your way, especially in matters of love. Some of you who have been thinking of taking your relationship ahead, fret not and take the plunge.

However, on the professional front, things may not look good. Inspite of the numerous hurdles on your path, don’t lose focus. Whenever required, take the right guidance and help from people who won’t mislead you.

On the health front, give time to your body and take care of your health. Minor health ailments shouldn’t be ignored and they need to be attended to immediately.


The ill-luck of the previous months will continue to haunt you in April as well. You need to be extremely careful to avoid mishaps. Be extremely prudent in your spending and save for difficult times ahead. Remember to not flaunt your riches.

On the relationship front, you may experience conflicts and volatility. You need to be extremely level-headed to sort things out amicably. Cool the matters down before they flare up and make things worse.


It is not going to be a good month for you. Some problems may go out of hand if you are not ready to compromise. The April 2021 prediction for boars says that relationships will be a major source of worry. You may end up having problems and misunderstandings with your family members. This can be controlled to some extend, if you stop being rigid and learn to control your anger. Remember, anger does more harm than you anticipate.

This can be quite stressful on your health, as some of you may face problems like tension, a headache that can affect your heart. You need to think of ways to divert your stress and be more positive. Try engaging yourself in a sport or an exercise and try to calm your nerves.

Remember, there is no short cut to success. While, these predictions can help you prepare, but your success depends on your hard work, dedication and goodwill. Start each day with a positive thought and it will surely help you overcome any hurdle in your path.

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