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Apple's new FineWoven iPhone 15 MagSafe cases are already discounted

FineWoven is Apple's more sustainable replacement for leather.


Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup isn’t even out yet, but you can already save on the company's cases and other accessories for the devices, as well as earlier models. While there aren't enormous discounts in this sale on Amazon, you'll be able to save a few bucks if you prefer to go the first-party route with iPhone cases (though there are cheaper third-party options). For instance, the Apple iPhone 15 Plus FineWoven Case with MagSafe has dropped by five percent to $56, which marks an early record low for the product.

Apple's latest iPhone cases ditch leather for a new, more sustainable material called FineWoven.

$32 at Amazon

FineWoven is a new material Apple is using in place of leather, which it is no longer employing in its accessories in order to make them more sustainable. FineWoven uses 68 percent post-consumer recycled content. The material looks fairly similar to leather in images that we're seen so far. Here's hoping it's just as durable. Meanwhile, MagSafe compatibility gives you more options for charging the device.

If you're going to pick up an iPhone 15 Pro, you might like to consider a clear case with MagSafe functionality. That will run you $47, which is six percent off the usual $50.

There's now a FineWoven version of the iPhone wallet with MagSafe support. This attaches to the back of any iPhone with MagSafe (iPhone 12 or later) and you can store your cards and ID in it. It works when you have a MagSafe case installed too. The wallet has Find My compatibility, which should make it easier to find if it's separated from your phone. The wallet costs $56, or five percent off the usual price.

Elsewhere, you might need a new adapter to charge your iPhone. Apple has ditched the Lightning port in favor of USB-C charging in the iPhone 15 lineup. However, it's not including a USB-C adapter in the iPhone's box. If you need one, you can opt for Apple's 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter. You can use this to charge two devices at once (say, your iPhone and iPad or MacBook). The prongs can fold back into the body when you're not using the adapter for easier storage. The accessory currently costs $45, or 25 percent off the usual price.

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