‘Apples Never Fall’ Cast and Character Guide: Who Plays Who on the Peacock Drama?

“Apples Never Fall,” adapted from Liane Moriarty’s best-selling novel by showrunner Melanie Marnich, centers on the Delaneys, a competitive family of former tennis coaches and players who have all sorts of complications that arise from such a dynamic. Joy (Annette Bening) and Stan (Sam Neill) have just retired from running their own tennis academy, and each parent has different ways of coping with their change in lifestyle.

Adult children Amy (Alison Brie), Troy (Jake Lacy), Logan (Conor Merrigan Turner) and Brooke (Essie Randles) each also have different memories of their parents. While all six live their own separate lives, the family still resides near each other and their childhood home.

Meet the Delaneys and more cast and characters from Peacock’s “Apples Never Fall,” below:

Annette Bening in "Apples Never Fall" on Peacock
Annette Bening as Joy Delaney in “Apples Never Fall” (Peacock)

Joy Delaney (Annette Bening)

Matriarch Joy has held the Delaney family together thus far. Wife to Stan Delaney (Sam Neill), she and her husband ran Delaney Tennis Academy after both competing professionally themselves on the circuit when they were younger. Joy’s resentment has bubbled so close to the surface that a few wrong moves from her husband and/or children could make her boil over.

Annette Bening most recently starred in Netflix’s “Nyad” as Diana Nyad herself, for which she was nominated for Best Actress at the 2024 Academy Awards. Her four other Oscar nods were for her roles in “The Kids Are All Right” (2010), “Being Julia” (2004), “American Beauty” (1999) and “The Grifters” (1990).

Sam Neill in "Apples Never Fall" on Peacock
Sam Neill plays Stan Delaney in “Apples Never Fall” (Peacock)

Stan Delaney (Sam Neill)

Stan Delaney was the face of the Delaney Academy while Joy did the accounting and worked behind the scenes. He coached many athletes into shape, but his shiniest star was Harry Haddad. Stan has a temper, which the Delaney kids remember to varying degrees.

Sam Neill is known for playing Grant in “Jurassic Park” (1993), Alisdair Stewart in “The Piano” (1993), David Jenkins in “Memoirs of an Invisible Man” (1992) and Hec in “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” (2016).

Alison Brie in "Apples Never Fall" on Peacock
Alison Brie as Amy Delaney in “Apples Never Fall” (Peacock)

Amy Delaney (Alison Brie)

Amy is the oldest child of the four kids, but she doesn’t always act like it. She lives in a house that she shares with graduate students, and her methods of communication and problem-solving aren’t the most conventional.

Alison Brie is known for playing Ruth Wilder in “GLOW,” Madison in “Promising Young Woman,” Annie Edison in “Community” and Ally in “Somebody I Used to Know” (2023).

Conor Merrigan Turner in "Apples Never Fall" 
on Peacock
Conor Merrigan Turner plays Logan Delaney in “Apples Never Fall” (Peacock)

Logan Delaney (Conor Merrigan Turner)

Logan is the younger brother of the four, and he lives on a houseboat. He almost bought the Delaney Tennis Academy. His girlfriend Indira (Pooja Shah) wants to move to Seattle, but he’s not sure he wants to go with her.

Conor Merrigan Turner played Lt. Luke Cole in Netflix’s “Thai Cave Rescue” as well as a townsperson in “Tomorrow, When the War Began” (2016).

Essie Randles in "Apples Never Fall" on Peacock
Essie Randles as Brooke Delaney in “Apples Never Fall” (Peacock)

Brooke Delaney (Essie Randles)

Brooke is the baby of the family, but she is also the most responsible and airs on the side of being a perfectionist. She runs a physical therapy clinic, though it is not doing too well as a business at the moment. Brooke is also engaged to Gina (Paula Andrea Placido).

Essie Randles played Jayne in “The Speedway Murders” (2023).

Troy Delaney (Jacke Lacey) in "Apples Never Fall" on Peacock
Jake Lacy as Troy Delaney in “Apples Never Fall” (Peacock)

Troy Delaney (Jake Lacy)

Troy went the farthest in tennis of any of the four siblings, but he still couldn’t compare to Harry Haddad. Now he works as a stock trader, and he has divorced his wife Claire. Additionally, Troy has specific memories of Stan’s temper.

Jake Lacy is known for playing Richard Semco in “Carol” (2015), Max in “Obvious Child” (2014), Forde in “Miss Sloane” (2016) and Brett Wyden in “Rampage” (2018). He starred in Season 1 of “The White Lotus” as Shane Patton, and he also appeared as Robert ‘B’ Berchtold in “A Friend of the Family.”

Georgia Flood as Savannah in "Apples Never Fall" (Peacock)
Georgia Flood as Savannah in “Apples Never Fall” (Peacock)

Savannah (Georgia Flood)

Savannah comes into the Delaney household and flips everything upside down. She claims she is running from an abusive boyfriend, so Joy and Stan let her stay with them for a time.

Georgia Flood is known for playing Sister Alice Ross King in “Anzac Girls,” Debbie Smith in “Wentworth,” Madison O’Neill in “Here Come the Habibs!” and Lindsay Ford in “Home and Away.”

Paula Andrea Placido at the "Apples Never Fall" premiere
Paula Andrea Placido at the “Apples Never Fall” premiere (Getty Images)

Gina Solis (Paula Andrea Placido)

Gina is Brooke’s fiancée. She runs a restaurant, so she and Brooke have that business mindset in common.

Paula Andrea Placido has also appeared in shows like “The L Word: Generation Q” and “Shameless.” She will next be seen in Apple TV+’s “Sugar.”

From left to right Detective Elena Camacho (Jeanine Serralles) and her assistant (Dylan Thuraisingham) in "Apples Never Fall (Peacock)
From left to right Detective Elena Camacho (Jeanine Serralles) and her assistant (Dylan Thuraisingham) in “Apples Never Fall (Peacock)

Detective Elena Camacho (Jeanine Serralles)

Detective Elena Camacho has quite a case on her hands when Joy disappears. She and her assistant (Dylan Thuraisingham) turn over every stone to trace what really happened in the Delaney household that led to Joy’s disappearance.

Serralles played Detective Norelli in “The Woman in the Window” (2021), Dayna in “Two Lovers” (2008), Dani in “Across the Universe” (2007) and Joy in “Inside Llewyn Davis” (2013).

Season 1 of “Apples Never Fall” premieres Thursday, March 14, on Peacock.

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