Apple Music partners Music Matters to create content for emerging artists

Gabriel Choo
Some of the singers included in this year’s line-up. (From left to right: Kiana Valenciano, Tom Jay Williams, Tabitha Nauser) (Photos: Music Matters Live)

The Music Matters Live festival will be returning for its 12th year, playing in multiple music venues around the island starting this Saturday (9 September). The festival showcases some of the brightest and most promising bands and artists from the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

But what makes this year’s run so special is that Apple Music will be partnering organisers Branded Ltd, to show support for local, Asian and international music. Music fans will be able to access exclusive playlists curated by Music Matters Live on Apple Music. In addition to the exclusive content, Music Matters has made Apple Music the festival’s official music service for this year.

“Music Matters has provided a global platform for thousands of bands since 2006… So we are thrilled, proud and humbled to be working with Apple Music that will see them actively participate in local artist curation plus also provide support for the performing artists,” said Jasper Donat, CEO of organisers Branded Ltd.

As Asia’s premier independent music festival, it will feature more than 40 top emerging acts from 14 countries. Following the tradition of Music Matters Live, the festival will once again include country-specific showcases from the Asia Pacific Region. This year’s line-up includes:

  • Tabitha Nauser (Singapore)
  • Falling Feathers (Singapore)
  • SonaOne (Malaysia)
  • Soundwave (Indonesia)
  • Kiana Valenciano (The Philippines)
  • Theia (New Zealand)
  • Dizzy (Canada)
  • Elephant Gym (Taiwan)
  • Fairchild (Australia)
  • Tom Jay Williams (Australia)

The full line-up can be found here.

Music Matters Live takes place from 9 to 12 September at CHIJMES. (Photo: Music Matters Live)

Held over two days and five nights, Music Matters Live will take place at CHIJMES outdoor lawn for the first time, with CHIJMES being the main showcase venue partner. Timbre Music has also returned as an official venue partner to provide their outlets for various showcases. These include Barber Shop by Timbre, Timbre Music Academy Hall, Switch by Timbre and Timbre @ The Substation.

For the first time, Music Matters Live will be adding a new award entitled “Artist that Matters 2017”, in association with Apple Music. The winning band will be selected in collaboration with Apple Music’s expert Editors and given the coveted featuring of “New Artist Spotlight” on Apple Music across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Music Matters Live takes place from 9 to 12 September at CHIJMES and various Timbre Music venues from 3pm to 11.30pm. Entry is free for everyone. The closing party will be held at Hard Rock Cafe on Wednesday (13 September). More information can be found on their official website.

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