Apple Card owners warned not to store their card in jeans... or a leather wallet

Apple published a page outlining how to clean the Apple Card

On Wednesday, MacRumors spotted a new support page published by Apple instructing Apple Card owners on how to care for their new plastic. As a rule of thumb, users shouldn't put it in their pocket... or wallet.

True to its aesthetic, Apple designed their first credit card to be pearly white, a stylistic choice that works on a phone but unfortunately less so on plastic money.

Yesterday, MacRumors saw that Apple has just published a support page titled "How to clean your Apple Card," and it turns out, the signature white finish is incredibly fragile.

Owners should avoid bringing the card in contact with hard surfaces, all household cleaners, and even leather and denim. Only a "soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth" should be used to clean the card.

When storing it, you shouldn't put it in the pocket of your jeans or in your leather wallet due to potentially permanent discoloration. Furthermore, it should not share a slot with another card, or the multi-layer white coating could be damaged.

Magnets should be avoided, as well as loose change, keys, and other abrasive objects.

The Apple Card first began rolling out earlier this month to select users. By the end of this month, it is expected to roll out to the entire US.