Antoinette Jadaone didn't expect "Soulmate" to go into production

Heidi Hsia

14 Oct – Antoinette Jadaone recently admitted that it was a surprise even to her that her new television series, "Soulmate" will finally be in production soon.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the director, who will be helming the series co-starring James Reid and Momoland's Nancy, stated that the concept of the story has been developed for a while now, and that it had previously been in a state of unknown.

"It was supposed to be a movie, then a series, and then it disappeared again. So when ABS-CBN and Dreamscape were looking for a story or a concept, I decided to pitch it," she said.

Jadaone said that she never expected that the story, which she wrote herself, would come through especially since they needed a Korean for the series.

"I thought they wouldn't go on with it because it's hard to find a Korean actor for it," she said.

As for the casting of Nancy as the Korean star for the said series, the director said that she is mesmerised by the singer's beauty.

"She looks like a ten-step skincare routine, and she is very pleasant," she added.

As for production itself, Jadaone stated that they would probably start the workshops for the series at the end of the year of the beginning of 2020.

(Photo Source: ABS CBN)