Antoinette Jadaone confident in the story of "The Soulmate Project"

Heidi Hsia

11 Feb – Antoinette Jadaone has nothing to say when it comes to whether or not her new series, "The Soulmate Project" will succeed without her lead actor James Reid's onscreen partner, Nadine Lustre.

As reported on Push, the director, who is pairing up James Reid with MOMOLAND's Nancy McDonie for the first time in the said project, stated that she can see clearly the chemistry between the two actors, even if they have never worked together before.

"They really have it. That's because the project is a multi-characte story - focusing on two soulmates. It much depends on the chemistry of the two artistes," she said.

When asked if she is worried that the series will not receive as much interest from the fans, since it does not star Lustre, Jadaone stated that she has confidence in her story.

"I think we're in the era where we put more emphasis on the story. It's all about the story. I am a storyteller, so my loyalty is always to the story and not to those surrounding filmmaking," she said.