The comfortable knickers that prevent chafing all year round

Woman riding her bike in a summer dress [Photo: Getty]
Woman riding her bike in a summer dress [Photo: Getty]

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Warmer weather brings with it balmy evenings of Negronis and barbecues outdoors, some much-needed Vitamin D and the joy of not having to leave for work while it’s still pitch black outside.

However, for many of us (read: most!), it also brings with it a less pleasant side effect: chafing.

Unless you’re wearing super comfortable jeans or trousers, it’s inevitable that your thighs will rub together and cause that uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful, burning sensation.

But this is 2020, and in this new decade, you needn’t have to decide between a gorgeous summer dress and getting on with your day in comfort. Especially not where these anti-chaff, long-leg knickers are concerned.

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They’re long enough to stop chafing of the thighs and reduce pains and irritations but short enough that you can wear a midi-dress over the top and not need to worry about VACL (that’s ‘visible anti-chafe line’, obviously).

The breathable wicking and stretchy fabric also keeps your nether-regions cool and sweat-free, which also means they’re ideal for working out in - if the mood takes you.

They come in 15 different colours, so you need never worry about them showing through your clothing, and from a size eight through to a size 28.

“After putting on a bit of weight and experiencing very uncomfortable chafing, these have been a godsend. They don’t roll down or ride up. They are perfect,” one happy customer wrote.

While another claims she wears the shorts as an outfit of their own: “I wear them as leggings with just a top!”

Many buyers confessed to ordering several pairs, too: “I just ordered another set. They stop chafing and soak up sweat really well. They are fairly thin so can't be seen under tighter clothes and they don't add excess heat.”

While wearing them under summer dresses is a firm favourite, one customer said: “ I now wear them under everything! I didn’t realise how harsh jeans felt on the inner thighs until I noticed the absence of harshness!”

So don’t suffer chafing in silence this year, buy a pair of these instead.

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