Anthony Wong doesn't want to play a psycho anymore

19 Jun - Anthony Wong recently shared that his new movie "The Sleep Curse" will be the last movie for him in the thriller genre, or at the very least it would be the last time that he plays a psycho in one.

As reported on Next Mag, the actor who admitted to have played a lot of antagonistic characters in his many decades as an actor, stated that he will no longer take similar roles in the future as he is getting too old for it.

Prior to his announcement, Anthony shared that he would sometimes feel guilty about how his movie roles affected other people in general.

"A fan came up to me and told me that he really loves "Young and Dangerous" and my role as Tai Fai in the movie, which is why he decided to join the triads," said the actor.

At the same time, Anthony said that the reactions he has gotten has made him realise the impact that a movie has on its audience, although he added that the key lies in the nature of humanity itself.

"[For example,] if you watch a movie about gay people, you won't exactly become gay yourself. Basically, it still depends on the nature of people," he said.

When asked if he won't regret his decision to make "The Sleep Curse" his last thriller, the actor stated that he is not reluctant at all about the decision.