Anthony Wong to debate lawyer Junius Ho on police brutality

13 Jan – Following Chapman To and Natalis Chan's previous debate about the Hong Kong protests on the RTHK show, "This Week", it was revealed that Anthony Wong will also be appearing on the show soon to express his viewpoints about police brutality.

The actor, who is set to appear alongside pro-Beijing lawyer and politician Junius Ho on the show that will be aired on 14 January, told Mingpao that he will refrain from getting angry or violent - as previously exhibited by Chapman on the previous episode.

"Why should I get angry? Junius and I do not share the same opinion, and we don't need to be angry if we disagree with each other. We both have our own stance," he stated.

Anthony stated that he would not worry about Junius' background as a lawyer, adding that he would just treat it like a normal discussion.

"Besides, I want to see the host [Nabela Qoser]. I admire her, not Junius," he added jokingly.

The actor stressed that this time, it would be a dialogue instead of a "duel", and that he plans to talk about the 2019 Yuen Long attack as well.

"I also want to know if Junius has a kung fu background, because he showed agility when he was attacked in Tuen Mun last November," he joked.

On the other hand, Chapman recently took to social media to express his admiration for Anthony for saying yes to a debate with the Hong Kong lawyer, admitting he would not have the patience to face such a person.

(Photo Source: Bastille Post)