Anthony Cataldo Is Assembling The Team To Fight Cancer

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What was your ah-ha moment that set you on the path you are on today?

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Our ah-ha moment started after owning the CAR-T cell therapy, realizing it was too expensive and too hard on the cancer patient. I knew there had to be a cancer therapy that was more affordable while using the body’s natural killer cells to help the patient.

Tell us about your company. What services do you provide?

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GT Biopharma, Inc is a clinical stage, natural killer, cell therapy company. We are a NASDAQ-listed company that is changing the way cancer is treated today.

Describe your company in 8 words.

We have created cancer’s new serial killer. We are bringing hope, light, and inspiration to people who have previously felt like there was no hope left for them.

What are you working on right now?

We are currently working on a cancer therapy for acute myeloid leukemia.

You started this business in a competitive industry and became successful quickly. What’s your secret to success?

The secret to success is having the right goals and the right team to reach your objectives. We have worked hard to not only identify the correct goals for our long term objectives but have worked hard to find people that share and understand those goals. We have nurtured and coached our team to all be on the same page and working toward the same goals, together.

What makes you different from the other X in your industry?

We are able to stand out from others in our industry because we have created a cancer therapy that works using the body’s natural killer cells. We have trained those natural killer cells to attack and kill only cancer cells, making the treatment far better for cancer patients.

To what do you attribute your business success as a company?

Our biggest success is our ability to assemble a team of the very best leaders in our space. We take pride in finding and retaining talent that is 100% committed to our goal.

What difference do you make in the marketplace for your clientele?

We take immense pride in making a difference in our patient’s lives. We give cancer patients who have failed all other treatments a new chance. Many of our patients have already tried everything under the sun and are still struggling. We give them hope when other treatments have let them down. We give them the chance for a new life.

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