Ant-Man and The Wasp set photo reveals a villain

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer

‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ just revealed its first villain.

The Ghost (played by Hannah John-Kamen) has been spotted on set.

It looks as though The Wasp may have met her match in a new set photo from ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ as the comic book villain The Ghost has appeared on set alongside the pint-sized superhero.

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The new set photo gives us a very brief glimpse of The Ghost.

It’s currently unknown whether this is the full costume, or whether she’ll be getting her own unique face mask, much like the titular heroes (and her comic book counterpart).

But who is she?

Hannah John-Kamen plays the classic Marvel villain who first appeared in ‘Iron Man #219’ back in 1987. Traditionally depicted as male, The Ghost is a tech-powered villain who wears a stealth suit which allows him to turn completely invisible (and intangible) – hence his name.

The Ghost is primarily an Iron Man villain, but has also been seen facing off against other heroes. And now it looks as though The Ghost will be going up against Ant-Man and The Wasp.

The comic book version claims to be a former IT worker and holds strong anti-capitalist views – specifically targeting large and powerful tech companies such as Stark Industries. And if that sounds familiar, I get the feeling it’s because this is going to tie into Scott’s backstory in a big way.

Could The Ghost be someone Scott knows from his former life?

Maybe they were even involved in the heist which got him busted?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But either way, that suit looks cool.

‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, Michael Douglas, Walton Goggins, Hannah John-Kamen, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Laurence Fishburne.

Peyton Reed will direct the film, based on a script by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari.

‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ heads to cinemas on 29 June 2018.

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