We Answer The Most-Searched Renovation Questions On The Internet

Whether you are a seasoned renovator, or are embarking on a renovation project for the first time, it’s natural to have some burning questions that you’d want answers to. We give answer to some of the Internet’s most-searched queries on renovation in Singapore.

1. “When Do I Start Planning My Renovation?”

The best time to start would be about 6 months to a year before key collection, giving you ample time to think about how you’d want your home to be like, and to find the right professional to realise your vision.


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The actual works should take place between 2 weeks to a month after key collection, but set aside some buffer time to check for defects and ensure that the utilities up and running for the contractors.

Here are some other things that you can do to lay the groundwork beforehand:

• Find Inspiration: There are renovation databases online to find local home ideas that you like.

• Get Quotes From Qanvast: Unless you are an interior designer or architect, tackling a home renovation alone probably won’t be an easy feat. Request for quotes and we’ll link you up with 5 interior designers handpicked to fit your budget and style!

2. “How Much Does A Home Renovation Cost?”

Perhaps the question that weighs most heavily on every homeowner’s mind, here’s how much an average renovation in Singapore costs.


Your ideal budget is largely dependent on two things: whether it’s a new or resale unit, and the type of property you are living in.

Resale units tend to require more work (and hence, money) due to old and/or faulty fixtures as well as structures. The same applies for condominiums, which tend to be more intricate affairs because of the extensive concealment works involved.

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3. “How Do I Renovate On A Budget?”

Renovating is a costly affair, costing tens of thousands, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.


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Here are some general rules to follow that will help you achieve your desired look within budget:

• Don’t Be Too Ambitious: Skip fancy furnishings and frivolous fittings. Try out this clean, on-trend aesthetic for your home.

• Don’t Go Overboard: Consider your future needs. Structural changes like hacking walls or changing the flooring may improve the overall interior look but re-building them will incur extra costs down the road.

• D-I-Y: Whether you’re putting up wallpaper or slapping on a fresh coat of paint, undertaking some of these minor tasks can minimise costs. That said, get professional help if you are not 100% confident.

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4. “How Long Does A Renovation Take?”

On average, renovating a 4-room HDB flat or condo takes about 8 to 12 weeks, excluding potential unexpected delays that result due to structural or planning complications.


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For example, a simple task like installing click-on vinyl flooring will take a day or two, but you can expect to add on a week (or more) to the process if the supplier runs out of your desired tiles. In older, resale units, common issues like mould build-up or worn cables can also cause a delay in your renovation timeline.

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5. “How Do I Get A Renovation Loan?”


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Applying for a renovation loan is a fairly straightforward affair. Most of it is submitting your personal documents (NRIC, payslips/CPF contribution records and proof of home ownership) wth the invoice issued by your interior designer, and the rest will be settled by your loan provider.

That said, do your research on the different renovation loans available in Singapore. Although most providers offer a maximum of loan amount of $30,000 or up to 6 times of your monthly income, the final amount allocated depends on your borrowing limits (the Total Debt Servicing Ratio, or TSDR) and credit score.

6. “Should I Renovate My Home?”

To renovate, or not? Listing out the pros and cons that are relevant to you will hopefully give you some clarity.

Aside from giving your home a more visually-pleasing look, additions such as furniture, built-in storage compartments and work surfaces also improve its primary function as a living space.


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On the flip side, if you are easily stressed and dislike tough choices, the process of renovating may be something you’d want to forgo.

There will be times where you will be faced with tough decisions that cannot be easily changed. That said, with proper assistance and guidance from the right professionals, this challenge may be well-worth the trouble.

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