Another Stephen King novel to be adapted for cinema

US best-selling author Stephen King

A number of US outlets are reporting that the producers of "IT" have optioned another novel, "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordan," by the master horror writer. Producers are still looking for a screenwriter for the movie version of the 1999 novel.

The works of Stephen King are enjoying a new wave of interest as of late. Besides the impending release of the "IT" sequel, another one of his novels, 1999's "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon," is set to get its own movie adaptation. 

The project is helmed by Chris Romero, widow of famed horror director George A. Romero, who was involved in the first, shelved early-2000s adaptation. The filmmaker behind "Night of the Living Dead" had worked with King on 1982's "Creepshow," and then again on 1992's "The Dark Half."

"The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" tells the story of a little girl who gets lost in the woods during a hike with her brother and recently divorced mother. She then wanders the woods for several days, looking for a charitable soul, getting weaker and weaker by the day. Falling prey to dehydration, she begins hallucinating that her idol, baseball player Tom Gordon, is accompanying her on her trek. Despite consuming hunger, the young girl is convinced that she is being pursued by an evil creature.

"I'm thrilled that my book is being brought to the screen, and that George's company is involved. Chris has worked long and hard to make this project happen," said King in a statement released Wednesday.

The horror novelist continues to be a bottomless well of inspiration for American filmmakers, with the upcoming releases of "IT Chapter Two" and "Shining" sequel "Doctor Sleep" starring Ewan McGregor.