Another Singapore actress shares her encounter with Harvey Weinstein

Reena Devi
Lifestyle Reporter
(Photo: Ase Wang/Facebook)

Another Singaporean actress has come forward to speak about her encounter with fallen Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. The 35-year-old actress and model Ase Wang was invited to dinner with Weinstein at his hotel when he visited Bangkok in 2007 to supervise a film shoot, Coconuts Singapore reported yesterday (26 October).

According to Wang, Weinstein made multiple trips to his room with some of the female guests at the dinner, although Wang herself was not one of them. A slew of women in Hollywood and around the world have been coming forward about their sexual harassment and assault stories with the film producer, following reports by The New York Times and The New Yorker early this month.

This week, Singaporean female personalities have come forward with their own encounters with the disgraced Hollywood movie mogul. Prior to Wang, Singaporean actress Caitanya Tan spoke up about her encounter in an account published on local website The Pride on Tuesday.

Wang, at the time 26 and living in Bangkok, had been personally invited to a dinner with Weinstein and other individuals from the entertainment industry at the rooftop restaurant at Lebua at State Tower. Wang said that upon turning up at the dinner, she “realised this was not a work dinner” and the females present were “there for a reason.”

As the night went on, Weinstein reportedly made trips to his room in the company of some of the young women. Even when he spoke to Wang during the dinner, her career was not a topic of interest. She never made the walk to his room but she said she received a call from his assistant the next day, asking her to dine with Weinstein again.

She turned down the invitation but reportedly it was the query that followed which jarred her – the assistant asked if she had any friends she could send instead. Having lived in Los Angeles for years, Wang said Harvey Weinstein’s reputation was common knowledge in Hollywood circles. 

Prior to the report, on 25 October, Wang posted on Facebook about being able to speak out about being taken advantage of in the entertainment industry in spite of being taught as women in an Asian society to avoid conflict and drama. She went on to to cite this as a shift towards female empowerment.

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