Annie Yi infuriated by mean comments about daughter

11 Aug - Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi is so done with Netizens sharing their mean views about her daughter that she decided to post screenshots of all the comments on Weibo without censoring their identity.

According to Sina, mean comments about daughter Milly's looks filled the comment section of Annie's Weibo recently, when she shared a photo of the one-year-old wearing a cute headband.

One netizen commented that Annie is just fooling herself by making her daughter wear a headband to make her look cute, while another said that her daughter is so ugly that her pictures can be used to ward off evil spirits.

On 7 August, Annie posted up all the mean comments without censoring any names, and said, "When you scold me, I can laugh it off, but when a person who uses an image of Buddha as [his/her] profile picture insult my child, let me use the principles of Buddhism to teach you. I would never insult other people as the deities are always watching."

"Every child is reincarnated after experiencing hardships [in their previous life]. It's not an easy thing to achieve. Everyone is sacred in Buddha's eyes, so please be compassionate," she added.

Fans also left comments on the post, urging Annie not to pay any attention to trolls on the internet.

(Photo Source: Annie Yi Weibo)