Annie Liu accepts reduced salary for "The Grand Grandmaster"

17 Jan – It was recently revealed that Taiwanese actress Annie Liu has taken a reduced salary in order to film Dayo Wong's Lunar New Year film, "The Grand Grandmaster".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared alongside the actor-turned-director at the promotional event of the said movie, confirmed Dayo's previous statement about her low salary, adding that she was not after the money.

"Talking about money will only hurt relationships," she added.

Annie revealed that she even spent half a year undergoing rigorous training to play a boxer in the film, much to Dayo's gratitude for her dedication.

"I agreed to show my back at the premiere, so I just kept training. I was used to not being able to do even one push-up, but now I can do 100 at once. My goal is to beat my trainer," she enthused.

Annie added that she is proud of what she was able to achieve and will use it to her advantage in the long run.

(Photo Source: Annie Liu Instagram)