Anne-Marie trusting Ed Sheeran to help pen new album


Anne-Marie is trusting her pal Ed Sheeran to ensure her second album is full of hits.

The British singer-songwriter is in the process of finishing the follow-up to her 2018 debut Speak Your Mind, an album that featured her hit 2002 - which was co-written by Ed.

And she's drafted in the superstar once again to ensure her sophomore record is full of similar tunes.

"We just had to (work together again)," she told British newspaper The Sun. "Also, it will have happened ­anyway, because that was a great song, wasn't it? I don't know how many we've ­written. But there's going to be more."

Anne-Marie also revealed that she turns to the Thinking Out Loud hitmaker for advice as a pal who knows everything about the music industry.

"He's great," the 28-year-old added. "I feel like he's the only person I ask for advice outside of the professionals in the industry. He would always have my best interests and tell me the truth, which is what I need."

That advice came in handy when Anne-Marie argued with record executives over whether to release a new album in January 2019 and was told to pen more tracks.

"I spoke to Ed about it and he said he always goes through the same thing, where he feels like he's ready and then he ends up writing, for example, Shape of You, and that changed everything about that album," she shared. "So yeah...The next album should be called You Should Listen More, or Take The Advice."

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