Anne Hathaway's recent jaw-dropping selfie has fans all saying the same thing

Unlike most of the population nowadays, Anne Hathaway is not one to document her every move on Instagram. So, when she took to the social media app to share three posts all within the space of 24 hours, you know we were on it like a hawk. And it seems fans were too, all with an unspoken collective agreement to comment on the same thing. What in the mercury retrograde multiverse is going on here then...

ICYMI, allow me to give you the low-down on said posts. The first arrived as a collective 'dump', documenting her travels to Utah to attend the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Now, other than a good book rec, no-makeup selfie and scenery that looks like the actor has been transported to Genovia – all (somewhat) ordinary, right?

But, alongside an epic red carpet moment, Anne posted a selfie taken directly from her bed – and she looks absolutely incredible:

I mean, flawless, right?!

Oh, and the general consensus in the comments sections? Well, it's that she just doesn't age, apparently. Fans inundated the post with comments like:

"Okay but, this woman does not age whatsoever."

"She doesn’t age 😭🫶"

"She will be always 20 and i love it xD"

"You look more beautiful year after year...tell me your secret, pls! 😍"

"So you ever age?? My god you’re gorgeous 😍💖"

"she doesn’t age. like AT ALL 😩😩"

"You're not aging! What is happening 😄"

"you never get old?"

TBH, we have to agree. Anne will forever be 21 in our eyes. Side note: drop that skincare routine, please, Anne!

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