Anne Curtis to fellow Kapamilyas: My heart breaks with you!

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

21 Jul – Being away from home for the past year to focus on her baby daughter Dahlia and is helpless to help, Anne Curtis recently took to social media to express her sadness over the shutdown of ABS-CBN.

The actress posted an illustrated image of a woman embracing a man holding on to the ABS-CBN logo, and wrote, "To my friends and colleagues at ABS-CBN, I see your posts here on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and my heart breaks along with you."

"I still cannot fathom how those in power could let this happen... I mean how is allowing a company to shut down and people losing jobs they love, a solution to what already is a crazy time? How do they sleep at night knowing that because of their decision, people are now suffering from sadness, anxiety, panic and are just scared for what will happen next?"

Curtis admitted that she is speechless over the situation, and is sorry that those in position decided to make the heartless decision instead of what is right.

"I may not be there physically to stand with you, as some of you know I am not there and have a little one to look after.... but know with all my heart I stand with you and share your sadness," she added.

(Photo Source: Anne Curtis Smith Instagram)