Anna Wintour offers her advice on best gifts for Valentine's Day

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour has named jewellery and homemade meals as the perfect Valentine's Day gifts.

The U.S. Vogue editor-in-chief was asked about present ideas for the romantic holiday, which falls on 14 February, during a recent interview for the fashion publication's Go Ask Anna video series. Accordingly, Wintour recommended preparing your significant other a delicious meal.

"If you're in a new relationship, I would honestly think about something that's not too serious, has a sense of humour. Maybe you'd want to think about cooking them dinner?" she said, adding that she's a big fan of squash carbonara.

As for couples who have been together a long time, Wintour suggested investigating a gift that involves both people.

"So, possibly bracelets from Scosha or maybe rings from Tiffany?" the 70-year-old smiled. "Or if you want to do something that's more fashion orientated, I just saw an adorable couple wearing matching sweaters from Loverboy designed by Charles Jeffrey on the streets of London. And if the budget's a little larger, Prada have some great ones that they just showed on the runways of Milan."

Elsewhere in the chat, Wintour named her favourite dates as trips to the theatre with her daughter Bee and attending tennis matches with her son Charlie.

But as for her worst date ever, the editor recalled a time in the '70s when she was seeing a young writer with "very activist leanings".

"He was always getting arrested and going to jail and getting a lot of negative press. And my father, who was an editor of a newspaper, and never exhibited any interest in my boyfriends, asked me if he could meet him," she remembered. "So, we had an extremely uncomfortable exchange, but then at the end of it, my dad said to the young man, 'I know you're interested in politics, would you like to go to America and cover the upcoming election campaigns?' He, of course, was stunned and immediately said yes, and then he left the next day and I never saw him again. My dad was quite cunning!"

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