Anna Wintour offers her advice on best gifts for mothers-in-law

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour has a fool-proof gift idea for anyone struggling to think of a present for their mother-in-law.

The U.S. Vogue editor-in-chief was asked about her favourite holiday traditions and least favourite gifts during an interview for the fashion publication's Go Ask Anna video series, and during the chat, was asked for suggestions on what one should give their significant other's parent.

"That's a tough question because mothers-in-law can be tricky. My advice is: Find a wonderful photograph of your partner with your mother-in-law, find a fantastic frame, and present that," she stated. "Can't go wrong!"

Anna, who often entertains celebrity guests at her home, went on to explain that she has one main rule for making dinner parties comfortable - take your time to consider the seating plan.

"Make sure when you seat them for dinner, they are seated next to someone that they know and hopefully like and somebody that you think they are going to be excited to meet. And my other piece of advice - keep it moving," the 70-year-old insisted.

Elsewhere in the clip, Anna spoke about her top holiday traditions and admitted that she loves nothing more than escaping to the Dominican Republic and away from the public eye.

"I have one holiday tradition that I love, in that every year I go down to the Dominican Republic, and I'm always very kindly asked to give the trophy for the local tennis tournament to whoever the winner may be," she smiled. "And I always make a point of bringing either sneakers or tennis rackets to all the ball boys who work at the local club."

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