Anna Wintour fine with re-gifting of presents

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is fine with the re-gifting of presents as long as it is done in a "transparent" way.

The U.S. Vogue editor-in-chief was asked about her favourite holiday traditions and least favourite gifts during an interview for the fashion publication's Go Ask Anna video series, and during the chat, acknowledged that she doesn't mind being re-gifted something, as long as the gift giver is truthful.

"I think that re-gifting is totally fine as long as you're transparent and honest about it," she said. "You don't pretend that you actually thoughtfully went out and combed Saks Fifth Avenue to look for that particular gift. But just say, 'Somebody sent this to me, and I thought this was perfect for you.'"

Anna went on to explain that she can tell when someone gives her a gift that has little to no thought put into it and would advise people struggling to think of a present to consider making a charitable donation in the person's name instead.

"The worst gifts that I receive are obviously picked out not by the person who is sending it to you. And that you know that it was dictated to an assistant or checked off by someone that's never met you, who has no relevance to you or to your life. Surely, it's so much better to give a donation in somebodies name to the charity of their choice rather than some goddamn candle that you've already received 50 of," the 70-year-old joked.

As for the worst gift she's ever given, Anna confessed that her husband Shelby Bryan wasn't exact thrilled when she once gave him a puppy.

"He gave it back to me the next day. I thought it was a great gift, but those sentiments were not shared. But I got to keep the dog," she smiled.

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