'Animal Crossing' set for Switch in 2019

Having introduced the laid-back village community series "Animal Crossing" to a wider audience through mobile phone holiday home spin-off "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp," Nintendo has announced a new full franchise entry for the Switch console.

Capping off Nintendo's pre-recorded September 13 video presentation was the long-awaited news that a new entry to the "Animal Crossing" series is destined for Nintendo Switch in 2019.

[Animal Crossing is coming to Nintendo Switch: youtu.be/xqa43OAR0Js]

The games are well known for their bucolic, low-stakes tone, gently welcoming players into a community of humanoid animals in which they make a home and take care of trees and vegetation.

At the same time, seasonal activities and garden tending duties help keep players involved -- an aspect that was left out of the free-to-play "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp," which instead encouraged users to purchase access to extra activities.

Then there's the cast of regular characters, such as chilled-out musical Jack Russell K. K. Slider and chirpy Shih Tzu secretary Isabelle.

Local entrepreneur Tom Nook is another constant, essential to each player's success thanks to his town stores and real estate know-how; his monopolistic grip on retail and enigmatic facade have prompted enjoyably wild speculation about his true nature some sections of the franchise's fan community.

Save for a short teaser featuring Tom Nook himself, Nintendo declined to detail the new game beyond its 2019 target date.

Earlier in the course of the Nintendo Direct presentation, Isabelle had been confirmed as a character in "Super Smash Bros Ultimate.," due December 7 on the Switch.