Angie Shum nervous and excited working with Kara Hui

22 Aug – Hong Kong singer-actress Angie Shum recently admitted that working with award-winning actress Kara Hui was a great experience for her.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who collaborated with Kara for the first time in the horror film "Binding Souls", shared that she was extremely nervous the first time that the two had to work together in a scene.

"I had some lines to say to her in one scene, but I was shaking. She truly has a presence. But she could sense that I was very tense and so she assured me that it was just acting," she said.

Angie added, "She said that the more nervous I am, the harder the acting would be. She kept telling me to relax, but it was really hard for me since I never worked with such a great senior before."

However, the actress stated that it was a really good learning experience and that she hopes to work with more acting giants in future projects.

"Binding Souls" stars Angie Shum, Carlos Chan, and Tsao Yuning as a group of students who are assigned to do a special research at a college during summer vacation, only to experience strange occurrences and discover a mystery surrounding the premise.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)