Angelababy speaks of being a target of online bashing

12 Nov– Despite the nonchalant demeanour she has been showing when it comes to facing criticisms coming her way, Angelababy recently admitted that she did get angry at people for making up stories about her.

As reported on ET Today, the actress, who appeared on the variety show, "My Better Me" recently, confessed as much when asked about it, though added later that she doesn't think that people actually care about her and the supposed issues they make about her in real life.

"They are just saying these things. In reality, who would really care?" she said.

When the host asked if she ever thought about quitting showbiz, Angelababy quipped, "People would not have as much fun then. Who would they talk and complain about online otherwise?"

To that, host Shen Mengchen expressed her sadness over the situation that the actress faced, saying that she could feel how frustrated Angelababy is inside despite showing her happy face to the world.

"I really do admire her," she said.

(Photo Source: Angelababy Instagram)