Angelababy slammed for smoking in a restaurant

8 Nov – Angelababy sparked criticism from many recently after she was caught smoking despite her previous promise to quit.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who previously told the media that she plans to quit smoking especially after becoming a mother, was photographed violating Beijing's indoor smoking rules by puffing a cigarette inside a hotpot restaurant.

Netizens who saw the photo blasted Angelababy for failing again at her attempt to quit and simultaneously embarrassing her husband Huang Xiaoming, who had participated in an anti-smoking campaign.

While Huang previously stated that he doesn't mind that his wife smokes, many believed that nobody would take the actor's participation in the anti-tobacco campaign seriously because of this.

Angelababy first made a promise to quit back in 2008, after she was photographed smoking for the first time. However, numerous photos showing her with a cigarette throughout the years showed that the actress had continuously been unsuccessful in her effort.

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