Angelababy Criticised For “Having No Maternal Instincts” After She Runs Ahead Of Her Son At Airport

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Chinese actress Angelababy is back in the news and not for the right reasons.

We all know that she has a love-hate relationship with netizens. From speculating on her marriage to calling her handwriting “ugly” netizens don’t allow her to catch a break.

But her latest ‘act’ proves just why the 32-year-old lands up in a soup, every time.

Angelababy Runs Ahead of Her 4-year-old Son at Airport


Angelababy runs ahead with her own luggage at the Airport. Image courtesy: 8days

Angelababy was recently spotted at an airport in China with her four-year-old son, “Little Sponge.” Her photos and videos flooded social media platforms as netizens and media shared them widely.

But there was one particular video that caught everybody’s attention and not in a good way.

In that clip, Angelababy can be seen running with her suitcase. She is accompanied by her son too, but he is evidently running behind her with his very own suitcase in hand.

The actress is also seen turning around every now and then to make sure that her son was alright. But, her actions have seemingly upset a few netizens.

Netizens Criticise Angelababy For Having “No Maternal Instincts”

People criticised the actress for “having no maternal instincts,” wondering how she could even think of running ahead of her son, with only her own luggage in hand.

Netizens thought it would have been better if she was holding her son’s hand and ran with him.

“Isn’t she afraid of losing her son [in the crowd]?” a netizen commented on the video.

But, there were some users who were sympathetic towards Angelababy. They highlighted that the actress was travelling with quite a large entourage. She ran ahead while ensuring that Little Sponge was with the rest of the group– in an attempt to draw media attention away from her son.

Unfortunately, this is not her first run-in with upset netizens.

Here’s what happened two years back at Airport

In 2019, a similar incident took place when Angelababy was seen brisk walking away from her son at an airport too, in an attempt to draw the spotlight away from Little Sponge. But her son, who was only two years back then, foiled her plans by calling out “Mumma!”

The staff members who were looking after Little Sponge tried to quiet him down. To which he reportedly asked, “Why is she walking ahead of us?” in Mandarin and “Where is (mummy) going?” in English, which caused his mum to turn around to sneak a glance at him.

However, Angelababy maintained her composure and walked quickly towards the gate so that Little Sponge would not gain more attention.

Her actions back then were praised by the netizens. They called her a “good mother” who has her child’s every interest at heart.

But this time around, she seems to have a less empathetic fan base; who do not hesitate to question her every move.

Angelababy’s Marriage On The Rocks? Netizens Seem To Think So!


Angela’s post on Instagram sparked further fuel about her marriage. Image courtesy: Angelababy/Instagram (Strait Times)

In March 2021, Angelababy added fuel to the fire about her marriage with her post on social media. She posted photos of two paintings on Instagram with the caption: “Pink mood.”

The second painting had an illustration of a boy and a girl where the latter asked: “Are you cheating on me?” and the boy replied: “No, I’m not.”

In the next line, the painting read:”The truth is not important. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Reading this, netizens began to speculate on her marriage with actor Huang Xiaoming. However, she replied to her fans saying, “I shared the paintings as I felt they were nice. There is no need to over-interpret them.”

Their relationship has always been under scrutiny by netizens due to the bare minimum interaction between them on social media. She also did not react to Huang on social media after he wished her a happy birthday without addressing her.

Netizens feel that the couple is divorced, despite being spotted together recently. Chinese media shared clips of Xiaoming and Angelababy taking their four-year-old son to see a doctor at the hospital. But, they left in separate vehicles from the clinic. This was actually the first time the family of three were seen in the same frame since 2018.

While Angelababy continues to be under constant media glare, it can’t be denied that it is extremely difficult for a mother to do anything right, especially according to every body else. No matter what a mother does, it is never enough and it is never right. Don’t you agree?

News source: 8 Days , The Straits Times


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