Angela Bassett never questions her glam squad's plans

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett likes to sit back and relax whenever she's sat in the make-up chair.

The Black Panther actress always pulls out all of the stops whenever she steps out onto the red carpet, with fans often remarking that she doesn't appear to have aged since the '90s.

Angela has relied on the same glam squad for many years, and in an interview with NewBeauty magazine, explained that she trusts her team implicitly.

"We've been together a number of years. I trust them so much. Usually, I sit in their chairs, close my eyes and Zen out, or I think about the work I have to do. I so trust their creativity and their gift. Their absolute gift!" she said of her hairstylists and make-up artists. "I can just relax and try to prepare what I have to do. We all have gifts. We all have something to offer. And it's great when you find those whose work you admire and trust, and whose personalities you enjoy."

Angela went on to explain that she always removes all cosmetics following work or a red carpet appearance and avoids wearing make-up when off-duty.

"When I'm not on stage or on camera, I'm pretty sans make-up - I think it's good to keep a clear, clean fresh palette. I am a potions and lotions girl, so if you make me promises, I'll give you a shot. I do really like the iS Clinical serums. I always come back around to them and they work really well for me," the 61-year-old shared.

And when it comes to self-care, Angela is all about massages and will text her go-to masseuse if she's got any muscle pain or tension.

"I need her to get in there with the deep tissue and get rid of the knots and release the muscles," she added.

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