Angel Locsin responds to DepEd on body-shaming issue

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

16 Nov – Despite wanting to ignore the recent issue concerning a physical education module that body-shamed her, Angel Locsin recently took to social media to express her frustration towards the Department of Education's response towards the bigger issue.

As reported on Rappler, on 15 November, the actress reposted an official statement released by DepEd on social media, in which the department tried to distance themselves from the problem by saying that the material used was not contained in the self-learning module (SLM) that they've developed.

Locsin, who stressed that she was not affected by the cheap insults about her weight gain, stated, "What bothers me most is apart from teaching incorrect grammar to the students, DepEd seems unaffected that the said teacher is teaching bad conduct and sowing discrimination among the children. What will happen to the youth's future if they are taught to be rude and judgemental?"

"This is the more relevant issue [DepEd], that you should be held accountable and must correct. The hope of millions of youth depend on you. The said teacher should apologise to his students and all the students that read the module. I am fortunate that I had teachers who value good manners and right conduct. Every child deserves to have teachers like them," she added.

The issue sparked recently, when a controversial physical education module used in Occidental Mindoro went viral for fat-shaming the actress using bad grammar. It read, "Angel Locsin is an obese person. She, together with Coco Martin eats fatty and sweet food in Mang Inasal fast food restaurant most of the time. In her house, she always watching television (sic) and does not have any physical activities."

The module then proceeded to ask students what would happen if Angel "will continued" her lifestyle.

(Photo Source: Angel Locsin Instagram)