Angel Locsin proposes for government to help the needy

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

18 Mar – After Bela Padilla expressed her concern over the poor community living in the Metro Manila area following the lockdown, Angel Locsin also took to social media to share her thoughts about the workers and people who may be in need, and are suffering from the community quarantine.

The actress posted a photo of a heavy traffic in the Metro Manila area, and wrote, "In the midst of the CoVid-19 outbreak, no one in the right mind would want to go out of the way to infect and get infected with the disease. We know that social distancing and proper hygiene are important, but it would not be enough if we had some people who didn't earn a living every day to eat and provide basic necessities such as rent, electricity, water, and more. Many of them are contractual workers, self-employed, small traders with no daily income and are steeped in debt."

Locsin stated that the government should make sure that these people have financial support rather than let them gamble with their lives, and that it is important to have a temporary stop on amortizations and loans, as well as tax breaks for companies so they can stay afloat and support their employees.

"And also, I hope Philhealth will shoulder treatment for those who have CoVid- 19," she added.

She also thanked the public officials, police, military, as well as and most importantly the medical workers for enforcing the law for the safety of the public.

"Thank you so much to the real IDOLs, our tireless health workers. We can do this," she added.

(Photo Source: Angel Locsin Instagram)