Ang Lee admits this year's Golden Horse Awards was stressful

25 Nov – Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee recently admitted that helming this year's Golden Horse Awards was more stressful to him than the previous year due to the lack of participations from mainland productions.

As reported on Mingpao, the director, who spoke to the media at the event, agreed with the notion that the mainland boycott was a big loss to the awards, which can be seen on the red carpet or in the participating films, but stressed that the works submitted were still just as good.

"We still have very good works this year. Of course, it is regrettable that there fewer (movies and participants) this year, but we're opening our arms always. As long as you are a Chinese-speaking movie director we are welcoming you," he said.

As to whether he will continue to preside as the chairman of next year's event, Lee responded, "I will think about it after the event ended. If there is no announcement, that means I will continue to do it."

He added that the Golden Horse is not just for awarding movies, but a platform for communication among filmmakers.

"This time, many internationally excellent filmmakers were invited to hold master classes. I hope that I can give more platform to Taiwan's talented people who are interested in film work."

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)