Andy Lau's camp warns of world tour scam

15 Nov– Andy Lau's camp has recently released a statement clarifying a scam that has been circulating online in regards to the singer's world tour.

As reported on Mingpao, on 14 November, Topman Global Limited posted the statement on Andy Lau's My Love World Tour's official social media accounts, which stated that it is not true that Apollo Entertainment Media Pte Ltd is authorising Huawen Guanghui (Beijing) International as the authorised recipient to receive investment money for Andy's concert in Greater China.

"We are the exclusive artiste management company of Mr. Andy Lau ("Mr Lau") and the copyright owner for Mr Lau's concert. We have never authorised the above 2 companies as the recipients for the investment sum of the PRC concert of Mr Lau. Thus, any such authorisation letters are false. We urge the public to be cautious so as to avoid being scammed," the statement added.

Topman Global also warned others that they will have no issue filing complaints with the relevant law enforcement agencies and take legal action if such "false misrepresentation and/or acts of fraud" reoccurs.

(Photo Source: Andy Lau World Tour Instagram)