Andy Lau supports Sandra Ng's directorial debut

3 Jan – Hong Kong actress-turned-director Sandra Ng admitted that she was more than happy when Andy Lau made an appearance at the premiere of her first directorial project, "Goldbuster".

As reported on Mingpao, the Hong Kong superstar, who delighted fans with his presence, came prepared with a diploma and a graduation cap for Sandra to congratulate her for her success in becoming a director.

Said Sandra, "Andy sent me a text saying that he would support me at the premiere. I was very happy about it that I even cried. His text message was a life-saver, because I had been too focused on the promotions in mainland China that even I had no idea where I was."

Andy congratulated the actress for the movie, saying that Sandra successfully became a director before he did.

"It's hard for women at my age to get film offers. Men are different. They can keep working, defusing bombs and doing all those action scenes," said Sandra, referring to Andy's movie, "Shock Wave".

The actress also asked Andy about his previous back injury, to which the latter replied jokingly, "It's better. But I haven't tried it. I will tell you after."

Among other stars who attended the premiere include Elena Kong, Margie Tsang, Ivana Wong, and Sammi Cheng.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)