Andy Lau loves the teamwork in "The Adventurers"

11 Aug - Hong Kong actor Andy Lau recently revealed the fact that "The Adventurers" is a heist movie never entered his mind when he decided to be part of the movie.

As reported on Sina, the actor, who has starred in similar projects including "A World Without Thieves", "Running Out of Time", and "Yesterday Once More", said that he was more interested in the characters' story rather than the genre.

"It is about a group of people and the dynamics of their relationship. It's very philosophical. [For example], the relationship between my character and Jean Reno's character. He admires me and I appreciate him, but we are two different people. He is a policeman, and I am a thief. He wants me to be a good man, and I hope that I could be one because of him. The story if a bit "romantic" in that sense," he said.

However, when asked what is the top three movies of his that he likes the most, Andy responded with "Love on a Diet", "Running Out of Time", and one of his earliest projects, "Sworn Brothers".

As to why "Love On a Diet" - the rom-com about a heavy man assisting a woman in her attempt to slim down before meeting her boyfriend - Andy said that he likes the fact that the character could be anybody and that he has no semblance at all with Andy Lau the superstar.

"The Adventurers", directed by Stephen Fung and produced by Andy himself, also stars Shu Qi, Eric Tsang, and French actor Jean Reno. It is set for release on 11 August.